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Independent Songwriter Reveals the Proven Path to Making Full-Time or Passive Income from Your Music (Even if You’re a Total Amateur!)

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We've secured some pretty cool placements along the way. Here are just a few.

Discover How Thousands of Musicians All Over the World Are Finally Turning their Music into Consistent Cash from the Comfort of Their Own Homes Using Sync Licensing!

  • More Money
  • More Freedom
  • More Musical Exposure
  • More Credibility
  • More Creative Control

Everything You’ve Been Told About Making Money from Music is a LIE

The Industry Won’t Dare to Tell You This

Being a musician in 2022 can be overwhelming, right? We’re expected to pour our entire heart & soul into our music, with little recognition and crummy streaming pennies in return. Not anymore, my friend!



Find Out How Myself and Thousands of Other Musicians Have Decided to Bury the Idea of “The Starving Artist” For Good!

How would it feel to wake up to an inbox full of people & companies who are practically desperate to utilize & license your music? Well, you won’t have to imagine for much longer because you’re about to discover exactly how to make this your reality, just like my students have achieved.

Turning Your Music Into Money Has Never Been Easier! 

How proud would you feel being able to share with friends & family that you’ve finally turned your life’s passion into REAL full-time or passive income? This is the music industry’s best-kept secret and it’s in your hands!

Take full advantage of this multi-billion dollar Sync Licensing industry right now!

No Experience? No Problem!

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Sync Licensing anyway?

The basic idea is this: You get paid for having your music in tv shows, movies, video games, ads, podcasts... pretty much any digital media you can think of.

And now is one of the best times to get into it because of the sheer number of new movies, shows, and video games being released daily!

Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon Prime and hundreds of Broadcasting Networks… All of them need music!

The next time you turn on the TV, or see an ad during the Superbowl, or watch a movie trailer,

it can be YOUR SONG that's played!

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This is Open to Every Artist Creating Music in Any Genre

There are no prerequisites

You could be a completely new producer and your song could get picked over a song created by someone with 20+ years of experience.

There's no discrimination.

Color, race, size... none of that matters! The only question they care about is: is your music a fit for what they're looking for?

There’s no studio equipment requirement.

You don’t have to record out of a professional studio or use specific hardware or software. As long as your music is of quality, it doesn’t matter how you accomplished it.

With Sync Licensing you can make money creating in any genre. That's because there are so many different TV shows, video games, and movies out there and they all need different kinds of music to fit their environment, vibe, and scene time period.

Create the Music YOU LOVE to create and GET PAID FOR IT!

Kickstart Your Music Journey!

But How Do You Actually Get Started?

There are many misconceptions people have about Sync Licensing, but the reality is:

  • You don't have to be signed to a major label;
  • You don't have to be a big-name artist;
  • You don’t have to have huge connections to get involved; &
  • You don't have to have a professional studio or have years of experience.

You can be an absolute BEGINNER, start your career in sync licensing with little startup cost and become successful fairly quickly... especially if you're dedicated.

I see this happen all the time, and it's not complicated to achieve - you just have to know what to do.

What You'll Learn



Prepare for the wonderful journey ahead and make sure you have everything you need to get started.


The Multi-Billion Dollar Industry and How it Works

Money, money, money! Discover how much you can expect to make, how you actually get paid, and everything else related to money in this industry.


How to Get Your Placements to Reach a Crescendo

Discover the exact, step-by-step process for submitting your music and maximizing the chances of getting it found and licensed by the right people.


Find Your Rhythm

You’ve done it once, here’s how to do it again! And again… and again, until you have a large library bringing in a nice, consistent income every single month.


Mindset for Success

Is your brain keeping you from succeeding? Here’s how to maximize your chances of success and let go of any chains that might hold you back.

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Meet Your Instructor

Innovative singer/songwriter & vocal producer, Orlandria Johnson, also known as LANNtheWRITER is known for her catchy hooks, intricate melodies and lyrical cleverness that’s often expressed through a pop, hip-hop, or soulful lens.

She has crafted cutting-edge songs for Major Broadcasting Networks like NBC, MTV, FOX, BET, ADULT SWIM, DISCOVERY, ESPN, ABC, Lifetime & DISNEY. She's also worked alongside Grammy award-winning artists, producers & engineers such as CeeLo Green, Bob James, Mr. Bangladesh, & Phil Tan who have worked with Frank Sinatra, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Drake, Shakira, and many other artists you've definitely heard on the radio.

LANN realized that she didn't have to take the "traditional" music path and get signed to a label to make a living creating music she loves. Her goal now is to empower musicians all around the world to make the most of their talents in unique ways.

Orlandria Johnson - Pineal Music

Orlandria's music can be heard on major broadcasting networks and film and video companies like:


Create Passive & Perpetual Income

Obtain More Freedom & Flexibility All While Creating The Type of Music YOU Love.

I Do It Everyday. Let Me Show You How!

The Platinum Package

  • Complete Lifetime Access to the Program
  • Lifetime Access to Digital Downloads, Worksheets, and Exercises
  • 5 Modules of Course Content
  • 22 Video Lessons
  • 2.5 Hours of Video Education
  • Keyword List & Tips
  • Submissions Spreadsheet (Customizable)
  • Song MetaData Spreadsheet (Customizable)
  • Email Scripts for Music Supervisors
  • Follow up Email Script (After Placement)
  • Private (Monthly) IG Live Calls

One-Time Payment of

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The Grammy Package

  • Complete Lifetime Access to the Program
  • Lifetime Access to Digital Downloads, Worksheets, and Exercises
  • 5 Modules of Course Content
  • 22 Video Lessons
  • 2.5 Hours of Video Education
  • Keyword List & Tips
  • Submissions Spreadsheet (Customizable)
  • Song MetaData Spreadsheet (Customizable)
  • Email Scripts for Music Supervisors
  • Follow up Email Script (After Placement)
  • Private (Monthly) IG Live Calls
  • Top 50 Music Library & Sync Leads
  • Quick Start Checklist
  • Sync-spiration Playlist (20+ songs to use for inspiration)
  • Split-sheet Document & Performing Rights Organization Info
  • Understanding Music Licensing & Types of Licenses
  • Licensing Vs. Getting A Record Deal
  • Arranging & Formatting Your Music
  • Licensing Internationally/List of International P.R.O’s/Crucial Copyright Law Information
  • How to Find Music Supervisors Online

One-Time Payment of

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Three Monthly Payments of

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”Understanding sync licensing is a must for any music maker!Understanding sync licensing is a must for any music maker looking to maximize the potential of their creations, and Lann presents her knowledge in a clear, practical manner that will give you an edge over the competition!”

Phil Tan
3-time GRAMMY award recipient

"Lann is super-talented, motivated, broad-minded and funny! Having her on my team was a true blessing!"

Guus Hoevenaars
2 time Emmy Award Winner

”I’ve been working and writing with Lann For over 10 years. I was blessed to do some amazing syncs with her for huge brands like BANDAI for their Worldwide Tamagotchi toy launch. She is so Professional, talented, and has taught me so much about music and writing. It’s such a pleasure and honor to work with haer and the fact that’s she’s blessing others with her knowledge of how to survive is this industry is amazing! Love her to the moon”

Motown Recording Artist

”Join the course! I’m leaving this here for the young aspiring songwriters and artists like myself! I had no idea a multi billion dollar Sync Licensing industry even existed until I came across this course. Whole time it was hiding in plain sight - every time I streamed a show on Hulu or Netflix or went to the movies. I decided I’d give the course a go because, why not? Well drumroll please... I recently got my first two official licensing placements on MTV, one of them being on MTV’s hit show Teen Mom’s! and I’m sure there will be many more placements to come. Lann is a freaking genius! She turned my passion for writing into a self sustaining career. Chile I’m making residual income in my sleep and I’m only 22! This is your sign… DO IT!!”

Marmoset Music Artist

”Wish I could rate this 10 stars! I've had the pleasure of working with Lann for over 6 plus years now, and I've never met anyone quite like her. She has taught me so much about being a songwriter and how to stay current in this industry. Not only is she an amazing person to work with, but as a human being she has always remained consistent no matter how much she's accomplished! Humble, honorable, & gifted! It's such an honor to work with her!”

Ashthon Jones
American Idol

”Lann writes songs with finesse and style. She is flexible across genres, she takes direction easily, coaches vocal performances like nobody's business AND is dependable, easy going and a drama free person all at the same time. Invaluable for anyone looking for great songs and to make great records with.”

Monica Tannian
Music Production, Milk Money

”Lann's ability to write is nothing short of exceptional. As a screenplay writer and rapper she has always inspired me to push my pen and become better. I can't wait to see what she does next.”

Kebba N’Jie
Screenplay Writer & Rapper

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